Piestany is located in the south-western part of the Slovak Republic, in the northern tip of the warm Danubian Lowland,on both banks of the extensive River Vah valley, beneath the western foothills of the Povazsky Inovec mountain range, at an a.s.l. of 162 metres.

Piestany is among the warmest of Slovakia's regions. Its climate is of the lowland type,i.e. moderately dry. The mean annual air temperature of 9,4° C is relatively high. In May, the monthly mean daily temperature measured at 2:00 p.m is 19,3° C, in July 24,5° C and in September 20,5° C.. The annual mean sunshine is 2,084 hours, of which, as many as 9 hours a day the sun shines in the summer months.

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