Smrdáky is the most important Slovak spa for skin diseases. Thanks to the high quality of its thermal springs and its unsurpassed health care, this spa ranks among the leading spas for treating skin diseases in all of Europe. Smrdáky spa is situated in the western part of Slovakia, at the foot of the White Carpathians. It lies 241 metres above sea level and 80 kilometres northeast of Bratislava.

The big attribute here is mineral water that is very rich in sulphur and other minerals - up to 3100 mg per litre of water, ranking it among the most concentrated mineral waters in Europe. Sulphur-enriched mud is also very efficient. SPECIFICS:
In Smrdáky, many deseases are cured, including psoriasis (including arthritic psoriasis, all forms od eczema, atopical dermatitis and acne vulgaris. For patients suffering from asthma, certain treatments are omitted for health reasons.

Standard treatment is a bath in sulphur water end mud wrappings. We then offer UV radiation phototherphy (solarium in the summer), and treatment via madicaments. We also offer water and electrotherapy, massages, and rehabilitation. Highly-qualified doctors and other personnel are always present to assist you.

Constructed in 1993, the VIETORIS Health Spa Hotel offers its patients single or doublebed rooms with bath and shower, balcony, radio and satellite TV. Patients can choose to live in suite rooms as well. Our friendly staff will also tend to all your needs in our pleasant coffeeroom and delicius diningrooms. Our hotel parking lot has round-the-clock security.

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